Walk about Cat


As you may or may not know i have 2 cats,  a 13 year old one and a 5 year old, both females and both spayed, and 1 micro chipped. The Other day the younger one decided to make a quick exit from the house via a open front door..

Normally you think that’s fine for a cat to go outside,  but i have not lived in the area long and not really intended on the cat going out as there are soooooo many other cat’s in the area.. 

After calling the cat and shaking the food she was not planning on coming home yet,. tried not to worry but naturally you do,, i mean they are part of the family, they are like the kids,, they need to be fed, watered and cuddled as well as entertaining, but i do worry,, as this was her first time out in the area.. 

I left it for the night and hoped she would appear the next day but NO Nothing,  well not from my cat, only my neighbour’s cat would show up again,,  so today i have notified the company where her Microchip is registered, so they have her has missing,, in the mean time she has gone walk-about.. sussing the area out for other cats., maybe mice, birds and children and if she is lucky a nice warm bed to sleep on..

I created a poster today just for my local shop, school, police station and neighbours as i was told to give her a week to find her way back again..  

The Good news is my neighbour saw the poster and said my cat had infact been in her house and shot upstairs.. and yes she has cats herself but hadn’t realised it was my cat, as they were out at the time she went missing and we were out when they came back and cat went up their stairs..  So the cat got put out the door and she ran off again..

I hope that someone local has got her somewhere safe and see’s the posters or at least the cat has gone in to survival mode and looking after herself well..

I remain positive she will be home soon as i live in a area where someone knows whats going on..  but in the meantime my cat is gone walk’about