Another Liebster Award …

I would like to thank my Friend Shaun over at for this award 


I have very humbled to have got my 2nd Liebster Award and 3rd overall award in a few days.. as i am so new to this kind of blogging on 

I have heard it’s an award to help you get more followers but also for other bloggers to know a little about you…

There are Rules so here goes

1) Each Blogger must post 11 things about themselves

2) Answer the 11 questions set by your nominator

3) Choose 11 other Bloggs but not the one who tagged you

4) Tell the Other Bloggers you have awarded them..

5) No Tag Backs

11 Things about Me

1) My Children and Family are my world

2) Been Single A Year (with exception of rebound so not counting that one) 

3) I have had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  for panic attacks 

4) Too Kind and Caring for my own good

5) was a voulntary support working for a group who supports parents whos children have had open heart surgery and or Heart defects

6) Love Twitter and Facebook , they both have good and back points though.

7) I love Steam Engines and Steam Trains (but engines more)

8) I love the Countyside

9) Hate Needles

10) I collect swarovski  Crystal 

11) Life for Today and never take anything for granted 

The Questions I was asked there is only 6 so will answer those 

1. Have you eve had an operation or bad dental surgery  (You can answer this or not)

Yes I have had a Hysterectomy 2 years ago

2. What is your favourite film?

Ice Age 

3. What kind of music are you into?

I love all sorts of Music but enjoy 70’s and 80’s 

4. What age were you when you discovered  Santa wasn’t real? 

About 9 years old when my grandad died who played santa at the words due where my dad worked,, when he died Santa died too 

5. Do you believe in God?  Not Sure what i believe in,  but don’t believe the whole story of God,,  

6. Do you believe our world is being visited by Aliens?


I still have not got that many followers but not sure if i can re tag the same people or not, so i best get following some bloggers 

so Anyone who reads this Blog considers themselves tagged with an award 

My 11 Questions to you are:

1) Do you Believe in life death? 

2) What Camera do you own? 

3) Are you a Meat Eater, Vegetarian or Vegan

4) Why Do you Blog?

5) If you won £1 million pounds on the lottery what would you do with it?

6) Do you work?

7) Do you own a Car or a Motorbike

8) Where do you go on Holiday

9) Are You Happy?

10) Do you Believe in Guardian Angels

11) Did you get any Grades at school? Yes or No will do

Well i will leave this Award to however sees my blog but you must let me know you have read it so i know and can take a look at your blog too,