The Sneaky Thief

Hello again,  a slightly off topic today..   

Years ago when i was about 14 i got my first Saturday job, this was working in a shop for a well known pork pie firm who had a chain of delicatessents..  And this set in place my love for working around people i was there for about 12 months when a job came up in the local village shop to where i lived with my parents..  and it was a shop that had everything the customer wanted, and even a butchers too plus a chain of 3 shops.. in time i was one of those girls that could do anything her boss requested..  i was never a manager but i was put in some shops to make sure the managers were doing thier jobs, in effect a grass but i pulled my weight too, and one reason i suffer now with a bad back, carrying sacks of potatoes to customers cars or bags of pet foods by the sack load,,  There was no sack barrow for me just my shoulders to carry the stuff the other girls would or could not carry,,  

But a part of my job was to watch for thieves,, and yes there was many, the type of thief were all very different, from high class pilots stealing alcohol to a poor person stealing a 50p car sponge,  but we had to spot these people and think a few slipped through the net..  

moving on a few years to now, i have worked in catering in bushiness’s to a school dinner lady in the playground, but one thing i have noticed is i  still watch people when i am out in the supermarket.. 

Last night after a early meal out with my son over at when i thought i better do some food shopping..  So we pop into a well known supermarket do i shop and go to the checkouts, now in front of me was a young couple with a trolley busting with stuff in fact it was to the tune of £123 quid, the thing is i noticed in the front section of the trolley was a Item of something that was clearly being hidden by a coat..  now the coat was covering the front and the top section  of trolley so the cashier could not see there was more stuff in the trolley to be paid for… 


My first thought was to tell them they had forgotten something or to tell the cashier afterwards,  but then again it may have been something they had bought with them into the shop but i doubt it and i didn’t say a word..  they did spend a lot of money in the shop but that really is not the point..  not sure if i did the right thing or not by keeping quiet but it was not my job to say anything,  the shop security should notice even the lady on the till should ask can you left your coat to check just to make sure you not forgotten anything.. 

the question is what would you have done? was i right or wrong not to say anything?