Sunday a day to relax..

Hello to anybody out there who is reading my blog, yeah ok may be a few of you and i thank you for stopping by..

Today stated of early for some reason, like 7-30, just had to get up but i was so tired as i didn’t get to sleep till about 2am,  not sure why either..

I did watch a bit of kids TV with the youngest but then i decided not to do breakfast but chill out and cook a Brunch,, which was very nice, even though i did have to cook it myself.. 

The Youngest son, his 6 has had 2 lads over to play this afternoon, not so sure this is relaxing for me but it keeps all boys happy for a few hours..

Whilst they were here, i did some baking,  just some plain fairy cakes with Chocolate chunks in them, , so they are ready to be iced, well assuming by 2 kids don’t eat then all before I can ice them…ha ha ha

And i tried making some scones for the first time,  but i got the type of flour wrong, i used plain instead of using Self-Raising so they have not risen at all.. so look like they did when they went it lol but they are cooked and taste ok,,  

Next on the agenda is to make sure school uniform is dry for youngest tomorrow,, and may be i can get a chance to sit with a coffee before cooking Tea and ironing,,

Ironic really that the title of this is Sunday a day to relax.. by that i mean there is no routine like school and work i suppose,  but us single parents never stop really and especially those of use who are carers,  someone always needs us for something.. But i would not have it any other way..