New Photo Blog

I everyone.  I thought i should set up a new blog today with my own photos,,  mostly non family ones so probably flowers, animals, scenery and other inanimate objects, but here is the place to go  there is only 1 photo at present but will put more up laters

My Son



Hey Guys and Gals, 

Now I have mentioned my son before in some past blogs, and as you may or may not have read he was born with a Massive Heart condition and we are approaching 18 years since open heart surgery but that will be for a blog later in a week or so.. But what i did want to say is my son has has suffered with mild learning difficulties since he was about 3 years old.. he has done well with the educational support and help he has received..

But the Purpose of this Blog is to tell you that he has set up his own blog mainly a photo blog where there are tabs to see his photos and there are some posts where i have helped him to write what he wants to say,, 

But please any or my followers can you please pop and have a look at my 18 year old sons first ever blog and like if you wish.. please here is the link



I know it’s been a little while since i did a blog and that’s down to it being college/school holidays here, eldest of one week and youngest of the following week, so there has been no time..

on previous posts i touched on my love of photography be it old manual cameras to digital, i just love photos..and i can say yes its a love and a hobby too, but it’s not my only hobby..

Years ago i was introduce to cross stitch and the array of lovely patterned pictures you could get,, I have done many over the years and i make them and put them i a box and do nothing with them,  its a shame..

I ended up going through my box of bits as school were in need of some materials so i gladly passed on some old thread i was no longer using and some material i had done nothing with over the past 2 years.. But it made me think about my cross stitch again..  the pictures i have made and the ones i have to finish off and  new ones and i will start doing these soon..  its something i used to do when my babies were little or before work ect but there seems no time in the day for cross stitch at the moment but i will also do something with the pictures i have finished, be it mount them in a frame and keep them or sell them for charity,, either way they won’t be left in my box..

Also a very  good reason that some hobbies don’t get done so much is down to social media like facebook and twitter, it wastes so much time.. yes i am guilty but can social media be classed as a hobby or a pain and drains your life away ?? 

Digital Photography

I know i blogged about photography a bit yesterday, well thought i would do a little on the digital photography, now i use a Canon IXUS 105 12.1MP digital camera.. 


As you can see its quiet a compact little camera, but it is very good at what it does, like all digital cameras it has its Auto settings, as well as Manual and you can also do Video clips as well, which i do love to use.. mostly of my young son doing something silly,, 

My Camera uses a media card like most cameras these days, but when i have uploaded my to my PC i then tend to move them onto my external hard drive, just incase anything was to go wrong with the Memory on my PC, then i know that my photos are safe, sometimes they get put onto disc but rarely.. 

Something i do like to do even once i have uploaded to various web storage places for people to see, I do actually print some off,  To keep,. they either get put in picture frames, or albums, cause i do love to have a hard copy too..

With Digital its so easy to delete a photo and its gone forever, and that is one of my biggest fears with digital, but the best thing about digital photos is the fact that i can send photos via e-mail or Facebook for family members to see who don’t live very close by to see how the family is doing..

I would love to know if you print your photos or and keep them or display them .. 



One of my first loves is Photography, I have been taking photos since i was about 16 when i was bought a Nikon FE3 for my birthday from a father, and with his help took to it like a duck to water, back in those days I i am talking about 27 years here, that photos were taken on a roll film and how odd does it feel to say that.. Roll Film!! for those who don’t know you had a film inside a case that you had to put into the camera via a door in the back, and secure it in by means of pulling a little bit of the film and wind it on to a winder securing it and making sure only enough was done so not to get light on to the Film.. close door to camera then you can begin to take photos, and these were then developed at a camera shop or chemist like boots,,


managed to find a pic of it too, and my it looks complicated now.. 

Now i use a compact digital camera, nothing too expensive or flash but it does the job i need it to  do.. There are many of my children obviously but for now those won’t be put on here as i am anon at the moment.. but i also take a lot of scenery distant photos as well as close ups..

I love to go to walks and take photos as a way to de stress but it is also a pleasurable moment just being at one with the nature too. I find both winter and spring magical, you have the ice and snow in winter and the flowers that bloom in the spring, i do take a lot of photos of wildlife too like birds, horse, wildfowl as well a steam and machinery,,  i am only a armature photography but i do like what i take too.. Years ago i passed a BTEC in taking and developing my own black and white photos, and boy that was a great feeling to get your won picture you have taken and developed yourself,, such an achievement.. 

Below is one of my photos taken this winter