Busy Week

Hi,  sorry i now been about that much, but being as my 2 boys are off college and school we have been busy,  either out shopping or swimming and even out in the garden, but with this bad root and being on meds (which had kinda moved the pain) from tooth to either Head or Neck and Shoulder pain i have not really felt Brilliant.. Yep I know there are people with worse and on going Pain than this, but i am finding that with the antibiotics I am on and the pain relief meds i am feeling rather light headed, spaced out kind of i suppose ect, and even just want to sleep, but the odd thing is,  when i actually get round to going to bed i cannot sleep for the pulsating that’s going on in my gum… But hey ho life’s a bitch at times..



As you can see by the poorly shark above,  I am feeling a little run down,  I HAVE TOOTHACHE..  

I have only had it a couple of days but i think the tooth has had it.. I am scared of the Dentist,  well not the dentist but the pain you get from the Needles,  I have a PAIN PHOBIA, that in itself it half the Problem or catch 22, cause i am crying cause of the pain my tooth is causing me and taking paracetamol just to make things bearable, but the actual fact of getting it sorted is also going to result in some kind of Pain,  well needle pain it having any local anesthetic..  Yes i have had Therapy to help me and to an extent it has helped,, but Today i am going to see the Dentist in an emergency appointment so i am not sure if they will do anything other than ease the pain… and what they will do i have no idea so that is making me kind of Panic..  I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY WILL DO SO I CAN COPE..