A Bit Worried

February can be a bit of a hard month for me,  and this Feb especially the beginning is no different to any other Feb except i have a great man there for me when i need that hug or cheering up.,, my eldest will be 20 in the early part of Feb which is amazing, cause if you have read my blogs before you you will know he had open heart surgery when he was 7 weeks old,  but Feb is the start of it, and it always takes me back, but this is not what i am worried about,, as part of my sons medical care he is having a Exercise test done on the 10th of Feb in London, this always worries me as to what they discover but he has had great results so far but does have blood pressure as a result of his surgery… I am sure all will be fine, but a shame to be so close to his birthday too…

on the 12th of Feb it’s my turn for Surgery, I have a umbilical hernia, it was discovered a year ago and now its quite tender and painful,  making it hard to eat anything  now,  but i am very worried about this up and coming surgery.. I do have a real diagnosed pain phobia, so i have to make ways of distracting myself until its over and done with and the worst day will be op day i know, lots of waiting about.. I did tell the Nurse i have a pain phobia so hopefully i wont see the needle or anything,  and i will enjoy the long sleep and then wake up and recover and go home that evening..  i know it will be painful and the stomach will be filled with air,  so i need to mentally prepare for lots of things.. I will be staying with my mum so she will make sure i am ok,  may be get to go away with my fella too if i feel ok but that will be decided at the time.. Dad says no, eldest son says no so i may be over ruled..

In the meantime i need to buy pain relief and neurofen and something called peppermint water…need to look for that. But i will ask if any readers have had Keyhole for a Umbilical Hernia then please do give me any information. I do intend to take a small cross stitch to the hospital and my mums and my laptop although i wont be able to use the net in the hospital but that will be my trusty mobile for that..

Its getting late now so i will say night night and be back tomorrow or a few days