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To Allow Doctors Dispensaries to dispense to patients who live within 1.6km of their nearest pharmacy.

Responsible department: Department of Health


The NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2005 & 2012, forbid a doctor’s dispensary, in a controlled locality, from dispensing medication to patients when they live within 1.6km, as the crow flies, of their nearest pharmacy.This archaic rule dates back over 100 years as it was originally feared that doctors/patients might collude in order to obtain inappropriate medicines. Today it forces patients to use a pharmacy if they live within 1.6km of one rather than collect their medication from their doctor’s dispensary as they walk out of the door after a consultation. Recent auditing by Primary Care Trusts has led to a tightening of the rule resulting in many patients being informed that their doctor’s dispensaries can no longer provide their medicines. 
The effect is to replace a fast effective and efficient service with a slower and less efficient one. We request the government amend the Regulations to bring the law into line with the wants and needs of patients of the 21st century.

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 This was sent to me from my own Drs