Wow Wow Wow My life has some what changed

happyWell Hello everybody,  I just visited my site as i now have a nice new laptop so i can site with my kids on the sofa,  so i thought i would have a look at my blog,  blimey How sad was I,   I have not been on here for 10 months i guess,  8th March Last year,   well I can tell you things have changed so much for me its unreal, but it’s very real and i am very happy…..

Where to do i begin? What should i say,,

Well back in Feb or March last year i made the conscious decision to remain single, ok i admit i would be hard not having a companion to share and do stuff with but i figured in females in my family like my aunt or my nan managed alone then so could I,  i must have put my foot in my mouth that moment..  Me and my boys we carrying on as Normal, going out doing stuff together, youngest was seeing his dad on a regular basis and we were in routine,, Happy Probably not but coping.  The reason i said i would stay single is that the couple of men i did have were users,  only there for one thing their self esteem or the joy of hurting women,  well No more,  well so i thought……

I love Media its great especially facebook i use it alot… I have a few friends connected with Congenital heart defects, old school friends and friends in the steam engine world,  as well as the odd family so now and again I get new friends, well through a friend a old friend from way back found me and yes she is female and No its not her i am seeing but she is the reason I am no longer alone… you see there is a massive connection between me and this past friend, My father and her grandad knew one another through the steam engine world, as in my dad helped her grandad on a Steam Ploughing engine and after years we got talking of times gone past..  remembering fond memories and the question popped up as to the whereabouts of the engine her grandad once owned…  So i set to find out and thanks to Facebook it didn’t take long..

All i had to do was to put a post up on a steam ploughing website and my question was answered, and turns out the engine was not that far from me in the first place only an hour as the crow flies I thought, so i knew where is was,  the man who came forward didn’t own it himself but his father, i wont insert names as its not right to do so without permission,  this lovely man tried hard to show me a photo of the engine as it is now but as we were not friends it didn’t really go to plan,,  but what i did see was something so not remotely engine like but a kite Buggy.. which i did know of cause the son did power kiting and the ex used to kite buggy,,  but i love to watch its so graceful.. anyway i said that what i could see wasn’t a engine but a buggy and we got talking..  all very innocently about kiting and steam mostly talking about my son and the kites he had , hours later we had planned a date to meet this man to collect and item called a Donkey Dick Harness used for kite flying all very innocent like after I was staying single…..

It’s Odd how things develop cause i thought i had a stalker after a little while cause all my posts were being liked,, even the shite one pmsl but i found myself adding this new man and we got chatting, maybe me being to heavy or flirty i have no idea but we were chatting ages and found we had more in coming with each other that i ever did have with the kids dad,,  Odd really..  after meeting up to collect this thing for my son and yes my son came too, after all i am not into meeting strange men and this item was for my son but by mid week i had found myself inviting this man round for a local kiting event and maybe even a beach day,,  I was already going to do it so wasn’t a problem if he said no Nothing to loose right,,  i now realise I would have lost everything i have right now…. The Most amazing man in my life..  my life has changed beyond all recognition..  i think since may we have only had one weekend where we have not seen one another,  parents on both sides have been met and Brothers have been met and all seem to be ok,  my only fault i guess is writing too much rubbish on faeebook lol my life is on there probably,,

8 months now , never been happier and it’s getting better and better and so looking forward to future what ever that may hold.. But i know one thing He loves me for me, for who i am, and he makes me smile daily even though i don’t seem him every day he is there every day to chat too…  that really means something special to me..

More to follow and with pictures hopefully…