Great Time Was Had


As I mentioned in my last post i was going to be taking my boys away to Legoland..  Now i have never been before and i was pleasantly surprised at what was there,  but not so surprised that lots of stuff that was for sale was incredibly expensive..  I did take a pack lunch for the first day, and had a big breakfast in the hotel so we avoided lunch and had something on the way home at the services,   I didn’t get away that lightly though, ended up buy several small boxes of Lego for the youngest son.. 

Legoland is owned by the the group called Merlin Entertainment visit their home page to see the other attractions they do.. 

Legoland was built on the old grounds of Windsor Animal Safari Park which closed in 1992.. i never went to the safari myself but visit here to have a little look and you can also go to this website to view the timescale of the construction of Legoland.. 

Friday it’s took about 1.5 hours to get there from my home, but the time we left was delayed by a few hours as my oldest had a migraine but we manged to get there about 12pm instead of 10 am..  so that day was more a wondering about the place taking photos and avoiding any rides due to son had a bad head.. and yes he had sickness with it too..  I have taken lots of photos and will put a few here but also on my photo blog too which is Sassysnaps.. 





I think its amazing that all the models we did see were made from lego,  even the rides were based on giant Lego bricks.. i do hope to go back one day.. 

Trip Away

Hey All,

Just to say i will be very quiet over the next couple of days,  cause me and the boys need a bit of a break,  so i am taking them both down to Legoland in Windsor UK, i got a fairly good Hotel deal where you get tickets for the Park free for 2 days,

We are leaving in a couple of hours and coming back Saturday  evening..

If you want to take a look then visit their website here  but until then you all be good now,  see ya laters