Very Inspired blogger 2013 Award

well i have just see this award


from which i thank you for very much Shaun,,. was a total surprise and had no idea i inspired you at all or anyone for that matter..

and i don’t know many other bloggers on wordpress yet  to be honest.. although i have been blogging on Blogspot for some while, like 2 years but moved on to word press to give it ago..

I love to blog when i can being it stupid stuff waffling along or serious stuff either way i feel its good to offload your mind sometimes so that’s way i blog..

so somethings about me

1) single mum of 2 boys on of which has special needs

2) I love Social media,

3) Love Photography

4) I Have a caring nature which can and does get abused

5) I suffer with Panic attacks and have had CBT Therapy for

6) I have a pain Phobia

7) I hate Bullies

I am going to pass this blogger to 2 people that i know on here

They both inspire me in very different ways..  but also these to bloggers are very similar too..

Thanks Guys