Back to the Drs Tuesday

Its been a little while since i blogged and i needed a little break,  anyway on Tuesday next week i am making a visit the see the Dr, my own Gp who has returned to work himself after being ILL .. I hope it wasn’t me who made him poorly,  

i have a medical background in the fact i have PCOS and IBS-C which is on a previous post.. the last time i went to see the dr was about my IBS-C and the result was a blood test and took me of all my meds,  including my anti-sugar tablet which helps the PCOS,, he said i didn’t need it as my sugar levels where fine..and He took me off all my IBS meds and gave me a basic drink to help.. With advice to go on a low sugar and Hi Fiber diet,  

well the first slice of brown bread that passed my lips left in in agony,  not just bloating but a Physical pain like a knife being stuck in the stomach,  brown pasta had the same affect, so i guess that Brown Hi fiber bread is NO GOOD, not the low sugar seems ok i don’t have sugar in my tea/coffee or on my cereal, yes i may have biscuits but if i stop EVERYTHING I LIKE I WILL BE GRUMPY. CROSS, FEDUP..  but what i did find help when i was accidentally put of a Gluten free,  i was NOT BLOATED AT ALL AND GOING TO THE LOO DAILY but it does have a high sugar content..


I really don’t know what to do and feel a little lost




As the Title says I am Tired, Shattered, exhausted..  its been like this on and off for a while now..  but not sure why,  yep i am a single mum who gets stressed with the day to day life of balancing things , like any parents do..  yes i have my little job, so its not over work that’s tiring me out..  But there are a couple of things it could be,  the first one is low iron,  or low iron body stores as the diets here are not too green and full of Iron, I have a far bit of veg, but i have 2 children who wont eat it and its wasting money as i can’t eat a whole cabbage ect.. or it goes off before i can use it all..


But back in the Beginning of 2011 i and a Hysterectomy (ovaries left in) so it could be onset of menopause and considering my family history most of the females had early onset menopause or hysterectomies it could be that… the only real way of knowing is a blood test,  but its not just tiredness,,  I am now having trouble sleeping but also over tired that i could drop of any moment even now i could sleep, eyes are sore and running too.. yes struggle to get off to sleep, but once asleep i could stay asleep for hours and find it hard to get up at the call of the Alarm.. 

Another thing is my memory is bag, getting forgetfull or even not hearing conversations as brain has switched off..

I do have a visit to the the Dr on Monday next week so i will see what he says and get a test done, I know IBS-C does not help neither does my PCOS but we are dealing with those.. so fingers crossed it’s something and nothing.. 

Anyway thanks for reading but that’s how i feel today..