I know it’s been a little while since i did a blog and that’s down to it being college/school holidays here, eldest of one week and youngest of the following week, so there has been no time..

on previous posts i touched on my love of photography be it old manual cameras to digital, i just love photos..and i can say yes its a love and a hobby too, but it’s not my only hobby..

Years ago i was introduce to cross stitch and the array of lovely patterned pictures you could get,, I have done many over the years and i make them and put them i a box and do nothing with them,  its a shame..

I ended up going through my box of bits as school were in need of some materials so i gladly passed on some old thread i was no longer using and some material i had done nothing with over the past 2 years.. But it made me think about my cross stitch again..  the pictures i have made and the ones i have to finish off and  new ones and i will start doing these soon..  its something i used to do when my babies were little or before work ect but there seems no time in the day for cross stitch at the moment but i will also do something with the pictures i have finished, be it mount them in a frame and keep them or sell them for charity,, either way they won’t be left in my box..

Also a very  good reason that some hobbies don’t get done so much is down to social media like facebook and twitter, it wastes so much time.. yes i am guilty but can social media be classed as a hobby or a pain and drains your life away ??