The Walk About Cat Returns

Well i did a post about my cat who went missing,  well she is 


I can’t tell you how Thrilled i am, but also amazed at how calm she is..

Like i have done before going to bed,.  i go to front door and call her name, just gently and i have done this 30 mins before going to bed then check out the back door and front again before locking up.. Well last night i did the same only this time 5 mins after calling her name i had to go to the fridge and i heard the meowing of a cat in the garden.. and there she was, walked in ,, did not eat or have a drink, but i was shaking with relief that she was home, gave her a cuddle put her down and she shot upstairs and promptly laid on the bed.. and she stayed there all night.. 

I don’t intend on letting her out again but if she does then i know she will come home again..