Hidden Disabilities

One of my pet hates is the lack of understanding from people about hidden disabilities.. its not really their fault that they don’t understand cause no one has taught then and they may not have gone through it themselves..I am the first to admit that before children i didn’t know much more that dyslexia..  

But since having had 2 children and one of them needing open heart surgery as a tiny 7.5 week old baby.. and suffering oxygen loss prior to surgery or some damage through bypass machine or the fact i had group strep B undiagnosed in pregnancy.. i did have it for no 2 child so they say i did with no 1 as well.. 

my baby did have a very visual scar which was in his chest.. top to bottom  which is not nice but over the years you get used to it and find it odd seeing a child without one.. My oldest has struggled with his education since he started school..  it is in a previous blog.. but he had trouble with short term memory, reading, writing, coordination ect but with the help of the LEA he has support throughout school, even now at college..  

With my son some people even those close (cant mention names) don’t understand..  when he got to driving age, it rang alarm bells,.but whilst is nice for everyone to be able to drive my son found it very difficult to learn,, and dispite lots of disagreements for a close relative my poor son is now being referred to a medical dr to see if there are any tablets that can help with concentration and memory.. my son would prefer the drs to say No you can’t drive just so he can show said relative..  

for someone who’s concentration wonders some what and can forget what his doing if distracted.. in a car is a place he should not be.. but what ever i think we are doing the right way of finding out whats best…. but even family members are quick to judge that could you look like you can do anything always expect you too.. but its not the case..  my son still struggles with reading and writing, but with help, he has got through school and college and i am very proud of him for what he has achieved over the years.. just wish people would’t just assume..  even if that person is flesh and blood/