Bullying and Bullies



As you can see from the title this blog is about Bullies, Bullying or being Bullied, now i have been compelled to blog about this because of several reasons.. Now as a Child i was bullied, firstly from a sibling, then from so called peers from school, it was always the girls that bullied me never the boys.. I was far from a girlie girl and certainly not a tom boy either, I was me, not a sheep, i never followed others or fashions and i don’t now..

When i was growing up i was like any normal girl with good friends in the village i lived in then puberty hit and all hell let loose,  ok i developed in the normal way, boobs, periods and hair ect that is normal,  But i ended up with a hairy top lip, i thought this was normal, mum had it nan had it ect but non of the other girls did though.. Lucky them,.  so i got ridiculed about it, yes it pissed me off, but other than shave it which mum would not allow, i had to leave it and put up with the bullies, which in turn knocked myself esteem.

At home was not different, my sibiling was just as bad teased, kicked and punched me.. which my parents never did listen to me about my older male sibling.. and branded a liar by my father.. 

years later I found out i have a hormonal problem called PCOS which is why i have more hair than normal cause its the mail hormone that causes, so here goes, tip lip, chin, inner thigh . and it causes miscarriages too but that’s another blog. 

The Bullying carried on until i was 15 and left school and with low self esteem (which i never knew until 2 years ago).. I ended up dating a man who took me away from it all and i remained with him for a very long time, about a 1/4 of a century.. and 2 kids but that ended last year and he himself was a controlling person,. I became more a mother/sister to him and caring for him.. anyway that’s over..

Then i joined a support group for parents of poorly children, and after a couple of years i became the subject of a bully, or should i say a fellow mum with a poorly child who i supported for many months and for some god for saken reason i became bullied. Bullied for Months until i was not going to confront them anymore, there was no reasoning, i had done no wrong, i was a emotional wreck, i lost who i was.. so i did what anyone does i used the block button, and reported for no one to do anything.. but they are still out of my life 8 years on and i prefer it that way.. 

Now what gets me just lately we have the world of twitter, facebook for them to get there bullying teeth in to innocent people who are trying to support others, 

I have 3 mates on social media sites who in the last few months some more recent of cyber bullies or haters as we call them,.  

In my mind these bullies are the lowest of the low, they play with peoples minds, you know you have done know wrong but you end up doubting yourself and appoligising for stuff you have not actually done.. 

Whilst i have made some good new friends, i still get hurt, normally by men who are the Perverts of the world but there not really bullies, i now try not to judge anyone anymore as i went through a faze of not trusting anybody or they were a potential bully…

For one Reason or another i ended up having Therapy. i was not depressed just needed to find out why i was like i was, the person who i had become, I am  caring person at heart, but i have a pain phobia as i direct result of being bullied. if i think i am going to get hurt in anyway the Shutters come down, it does not have to be a physical pain like you get with needles, its a think your going to get pain as in like these walking, talking, dancing robots, i think they are going to make a bee line for me and attack me,  stupid i know,, I had a fear of strangers as in people in the pub, drs.. i would be the Shy quiet one at the party for fear of being hurt in some way..

But i have moved on, I managed my phobia, i can talk to strangers, i mean for pete’s sake i can skype a stranger i have met on social media if i think there ok, and BULLIES will always be dealt with the same. Up yours,  Fuck off and block, even name and shame them.. but one things for sure if my mates get pissed off by bullies I get really mad when i find out but i will not interfer with the situation as it can make things worse, But i offer advice from affair by means of DM’s or E-mails.. Bullies of all forms need to be stopped, it messes with peoples lives except their own,, which is probably a very sad life they lead cause every one will hate them, 

and Karma is such a great thing it comes and slaps you when you lease expect it.. So those who are being bullied, go on do whats right and stand up and report them, you be heard..