Digital Photography

I know i blogged about photography a bit yesterday, well thought i would do a little on the digital photography, now i use a Canon IXUS 105 12.1MP digital camera.. 


As you can see its quiet a compact little camera, but it is very good at what it does, like all digital cameras it has its Auto settings, as well as Manual and you can also do Video clips as well, which i do love to use.. mostly of my young son doing something silly,, 

My Camera uses a media card like most cameras these days, but when i have uploaded my to my PC i then tend to move them onto my external hard drive, just incase anything was to go wrong with the Memory on my PC, then i know that my photos are safe, sometimes they get put onto disc but rarely.. 

Something i do like to do even once i have uploaded to various web storage places for people to see, I do actually print some off,  To keep,. they either get put in picture frames, or albums, cause i do love to have a hard copy too..

With Digital its so easy to delete a photo and its gone forever, and that is one of my biggest fears with digital, but the best thing about digital photos is the fact that i can send photos via e-mail or Facebook for family members to see who don’t live very close by to see how the family is doing..

I would love to know if you print your photos or and keep them or display them ..