New Photo Blog

I everyone.  I thought i should set up a new blog today with my own photos,,  mostly non family ones so probably flowers, animals, scenery and other inanimate objects, but here is the place to go  there is only 1 photo at present but will put more up laters

My Son



Hey Guys and Gals, 

Now I have mentioned my son before in some past blogs, and as you may or may not have read he was born with a Massive Heart condition and we are approaching 18 years since open heart surgery but that will be for a blog later in a week or so.. But what i did want to say is my son has has suffered with mild learning difficulties since he was about 3 years old.. he has done well with the educational support and help he has received..

But the Purpose of this Blog is to tell you that he has set up his own blog mainly a photo blog where there are tabs to see his photos and there are some posts where i have helped him to write what he wants to say,, 

But please any or my followers can you please pop and have a look at my 18 year old sons first ever blog and like if you wish.. please here is the link

Why Do I Blog


I was reading my friend Shauns blog and a very interesting piece on Why do we blog? go take a look..

But i decided to write a piece on why i blog.. 

Now I started blogging back in March 2009 over on blogger cause I saw a few friends of mine at started a blog and they said that it would be good fun,  Things in my life were not brilliant to say the least, cracks began to show in my relationship with my childrens father.. so when i started to blog it was more of an escape than an account of my life.. it would be one blog here and another one a few weeks later, i did have a 2.5 year old baby at the time .. but everything n my relationship was going wrong, and i found myself trying to change countless time for a man who really did not appreciate anything any more, and more and more i was pushed away, not into the arms of another man, but i was told to go to the gym, loose weight and he may find me better,, but in reality we had drifted apart.. so i  would blog to escape. the sadness in my world.. I tried to tell him things were not working but he never would listen,  that was to come last year when he wanted out this time, and i agreed.. Anyway,, I blogged probably pretty much everyday 

I also have a son who i mentioned before had needed heart surgery as a baby and as he grew things were starting to show he needed help educationally. which was something else i had to fight for the Support for my sons education,  then, finding out i was infertile was a biggie for me when my eldest was 5, ,no more children without IVF you have PCOS and that did feel like my world was over,  ok took a big blow, but something happened some 6 years later and i was expecting my youngest.. pretty sad really that me and the kids dad are not together,  anyway I blogged and blogged and it helped release the frustrations i had within me.. my body was cracking although never really had full blown depression but got low, then the panic attacks kicked it..

In a way,  me blogging in the past has kinda helped me to offload ,, not that many people read my blog as it was a time for trolls too, bullies that would upset you for their own happiness.. So i blogged for me, and not for readers, it did get personal it got nasty at times my blog,  but i felt better when i had done it, 


But today is a different blog,  I have moved on to wordpress for a new me i suppose to the old moaning me,, but a new way forward me,  I mean I have been me all along just at different phases or stages in my life.. I blog as i enjoy it,  its not always about escaping from the real world as my world is a better place now, although some stuff is hard to get through but i do,, I blog for the pleasure of blogging. partly escape. and partly cause i am totally crazy and need to write stuff of utter rubbish, but who cares,  someone will read it.. even if they don’t like it..  But if you do  thanks for stopping by