To All who read my blog,  I  know i have received several awards to which i am grateful but they take up hugs amounts of blogging time and and fill up my blog,.  now i don’t mind being sent them at all and will gladly show and thank those who send me them,  but i can’t carry on with doing all the lists and links,.  Mainly as i am a single mum i don’t get masses of time to sit and do them,  but what i will do is do a Page for my awards so you can all see what i have received and will keep adding them on to there instead ..  Thanks and Sorry 

The Versatile Blogger Award


Well again I have been sent an award,  not sure why but i must pass my thanks over to Shaun at for this award..  

Now there are some Rules and not sure whether to break them or not,  i mean will anything bad happen to me if i do?? who know’s for sure, 

whoever receives the award needs to 

1) Display the Award on your own blog,. 

2) Tag and thank the person who sent it to you, 

3 ) List 7 things about you that not stated before

Well 7 things about me

1) i would love to own a VW camper or Beetle maybe both

2) Love Masato Studio Boutique Clothes 

3) My children and family are my world

4) I can me a right miserable sod

5) I suffer with IBS-C

6) i care for others

7) Beat myself over silly things. 


now like the last blog where i had an award  i tagged anyone who read my blog, but this time i ask you to send me a link so i can read your blog too,