Why Be Anonoymous


I decided to Anon for know because i  was made single some months ago and there were people  that were searching for me and my family online and found me, i suppose when you use other media forms with your name someone is going to find you, but as it was me i felt uncomfortable with that and my media accounts got changed to different names then i learnt my blog i was using got saw by people i didn’t want to see, cause they talk and gossip about me to other people and i get spoken to ect and how wrong i am,, but for know i will be posting as me as i as always have done but without a name and pictures to give me away…

Yes i was hurting when i became single after all it had been most of my life since school,, but i am happy with my life and happy with what i have..

I suppose i better think of some ways in getting a audience without giving too much away else the same thing may happen again..