Congenital Heart Defect

This Page is Dedicated to my world of Congenital Heart Defect..

The Word Congenital means Present at Birth,  and obviously the Heart Defect means the plumbing went wrong during the fine development of a feotus (early baby)

My Son over at was Born with a Congenital Heart Defect known as Transposition of the Great Arteries (main arteries the wrong way round)  with a Ventricular Septal Defect (basically a hole across the 2 lower chambers of the heart )  known as a TGA with VSD

Now this is a picture of  Normal Heart and a Heart with a TGA Heart transposition1         the next picture shows a Normal Heart with a VSD

vsd_diagram  Now My son had both the TGA and the VSD so it was not a very nice thing to happen to the body as the body is not happy with not a lot of oxygen.. but because of the hole (VSD) some oxygen managed to get across the heart and around the body… my sons diagnosis was not picked up until he as 3 weeks old and thus became very poorly, but i will blog about that later..  This Condition is not survivable with out open heart surgery in which my son had one little one and a big open heart op, the surgery he needed was called a Arterial Switch operation, which mean his arteries needed to be swapped (switched over)

see Pic Below

Normal heart  its really quite amazing what cardiothorastic Surgeons can do..

Anyway that’s what my son has.. and he is now 18 years old.. and a blog will be on its way soon


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