Back on plan


One of my previous post was about my 3st weightloss with Slimming World which i maintained at for 6 months before i had a umbilical hernia repair and after 6 weeks recovery as i had a massive infection in my stomach after i gained about half a stone that would never shift,  so i decided to up my target to stop me getting stressed, Stress doesn’t do me any favours as is causes my IBS to kick off,   well i maintained the new target for another 8 months and got a diamond member certificate which was awesome,  then i lost the plot,  got fed up with diets, maybe got complacent, who knows but the weight started to creep up again,  it doesn’t help having PCOS which makes it so easy to gain and hard to loose,  but last week i decided to go make on it again and its now coming back off again.. So on wards and upwards, i hope to get back to my 2nd target first then see what happens next ..