What a lovely day


Here in the UK parts of the country had snow, some more than others, where i live we have about 3 inches which is enough to cause trouble..  I live in a rural area so cars had trouble getting in and out of the village, and journeys took twice as long,, I must admit it looked very pretty with snow on the trees down the road side, but sadly i couldn’t stop to take photos… I spent the day with my parents and eldest, so a little trip into town, the odd purchase and a haircut but the all important coffee with mum.. It’s always nice spending my weekly couple of hours with mum but as it was my day off from work i was with her  and dad for lunch too.. but the day was marred somewhat by a couple of sad moments, some person in a invalid scooter hit a car and upturned his scooter in the road and was clearly hurt and taken to hospital, then the idiot driver behind me coming into our village at 5pm this evening, its a long windy road and slushy ice in most parts but clear in others so i managed a reasonable 50mph for the conditions and type of road until i had to slow right down thanks to a muntjac  deer standing still on the road so the said idiot behind me flashed their lights.. i did see the deer so didn’t slam my brakes at all, just steadly slowed down to about 30 before the deer moved,, then over took me only to slam on their brakes infront of me due to parked cars,,  i won’t be bullied in the car by anyone ,,  i wasn’t slow, roads were horrid and i didn’t want to total my car and injure my kids or hit a deer..  You my friend are a arse…a accident waiting to happen..

By Debbie

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