Past Few Months

10931441_10153091817814276_747472779393274396_n   Back in October 2013 I Joined up with Slimming World to support my mum in loosing some weight, it started well with me getting slimmer of the week most weeks and slimmer of the month a few times well by the following June 2014 i had lost 3 stone and got to target as i how not met a great man and my mind couldn’t really concentrate on healthy eating plan, a change of life at weekends and a new man too boot, so i made 12st 7 my target weight,  i do have some new health issues that are  being dealt with and i have been around target be it 3 or 4 lb higher then back down again since june,, so doing really well,  and just before before Christmas this year i was nominated Miss Slinky at my group and won, pretty chuffed i was.. Right now i am staying at this target as i am having a op in 2 weeks time just before valentines day, i know its just a date for some people but its the first with my fella and i wanted it to be special, but my health is important but its still made me very sad…  but after my op i am thinking about going down another stone but i will aim to get better first..  but i will do my level best to continue where i am whilst recovering…. so watch this space…

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