My Piggy bank


Hello All, not sure about you guys out there, but I do love to get time alone to just relax and Chill, whilst some may think that would be a walk, or a nice soak in the back, for me its getting creative…in my home town we have a place called The Kiln when you can go in, choose some pottery of your choice,, ok you need to pay for it and a studio fee,, but you get to paint your item in anyway you like.. over the past 2 years my children and i have done quite a few items..  sometimes it’s cause i can’t afford a holiday so i treat them another way..  But last Friday i went alone,, no children on my day off and it was bliss…  not that’s its not bliss with my children, but quieter mid week on school days.. so there was me and a about 3 others in the shop that afternoon..  and the piggy you can see is the finished item,, after he has been painted and glazed.. I collected him today and i am soooo pleased at how he has turned out,,  let me know what you think…

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