Tomorrow i am going to be taking my son Charlie over at to see the comedian Andy Parsons on his I’ve got a shed tour this is his website at our local Theater its a nice size theater,,  

But what we need is some laughter,  things can get a little stressful at times so who better that a comedian to help lift things.  my youngest son will be going to stay with his nanny for the night so i know he will be looked after..  at times i just need to do the on the spot decisions and just do it,, just go and get away from it all… 



8 comments on “Theater

      • yes we are all ok thanks, apart from the fact the ex has moved his GF and i have now spoken with her i let things get to me a tad, but i am ok,

      • Part and parcel of life Debbie. Not allowing people to come between you and your feelings. I let a few people go last week as they were getting into my mind…

        Hope you are ok

      • yes i am doing ok in myself just dealing with 2 very different ages of kids 18 and 6 who are stressing in different ways, i am just here for them,, they need time to adjust to new things again..

      • Yeah it is never easy..
        As you know we have two lads 19 and 21, one suffers seizures, always a worry…

        I am sure they will adjust ok. They are hardy souls at that age..xx

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