Back to the Drs Tuesday

Its been a little while since i blogged and i needed a little break,  anyway on Tuesday next week i am making a visit the see the Dr, my own Gp who has returned to work himself after being ILL .. I hope it wasn’t me who made him poorly,  

i have a medical background in the fact i have PCOS and IBS-C which is on a previous post.. the last time i went to see the dr was about my IBS-C and the result was a blood test and took me of all my meds,  including my anti-sugar tablet which helps the PCOS,, he said i didn’t need it as my sugar levels where fine..and He took me off all my IBS meds and gave me a basic drink to help.. With advice to go on a low sugar and Hi Fiber diet,  

well the first slice of brown bread that passed my lips left in in agony,  not just bloating but a Physical pain like a knife being stuck in the stomach,  brown pasta had the same affect, so i guess that Brown Hi fiber bread is NO GOOD, not the low sugar seems ok i don’t have sugar in my tea/coffee or on my cereal, yes i may have biscuits but if i stop EVERYTHING I LIKE I WILL BE GRUMPY. CROSS, FEDUP..  but what i did find help when i was accidentally put of a Gluten free,  i was NOT BLOATED AT ALL AND GOING TO THE LOO DAILY but it does have a high sugar content..


I really don’t know what to do and feel a little lost


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