Tomorrow i am going to be taking my son Charlie over at to see the comedian Andy Parsons on his I’ve got a shed tour this is his website at our local Theater its a nice size theater,,  

But what we need is some laughter,  things can get a little stressful at times so who better that a comedian to help lift things.  my youngest son will be going to stay with his nanny for the night so i know he will be looked after..  at times i just need to do the on the spot decisions and just do it,, just go and get away from it all… 


Single or not to be single


A Little over 19 months Ago me and my kids dad decided to go are separate ways after 25.5 yeas together, it was not a easy decision at all and i wont go into any details as my son reads this blog and that’s not fair,  we moved out in Jan 11 after deciding in the previous Nov..  

i did meet with a chap who i met of twitter and that was a mix of Nice and only crap what have i done,.  he was nice to start with but i was clearly not ready for a full on relationship just after a long term one had just ended, it was a Rebound relationship i can see it was now, but he was so the wrong person,  and i was not ready at all, stuck stuck in my old ways as if i  was still with kids dad,  

i have not seen anyone since End July last year.. there is no man in my life except my Kids and my dad,  But i don’t know what to do..  The Ex has clearly moved on now after he had a year out he as a GF, Son and a Dog ready made new family, which happens when your own falls apart.

I don’t know what to do myself..  Most of the time i am happy that it’s just me and the boys, but other times i wish there was someone special.. and i mean special as he would have to take on me and my boys on which one has special needs and may never leave my side.. Then again i feel there is No time to have a man in my life as they are complex creatures (not all are but most) you have the guys who like to drink (I don’t drink) you have the guys who like sex (and I am not going to say i don’t like it  but since my hysterectomy all urges have gone,) you have the men who like their food, (not a great cook but better than some) you have the men who don’t like their Veg (their hard to cook for) and you have the men who treat you as a MUM (that was the kids dad) and you have the Men who Use you and use other woman too (that was the rebound)

All the above have kind of put me off but also i am so so scared of getting hurt again, but its not just me its the kids too.  

I don’t even know if i have a type i like, 

I agree i need to dig all the past out and throw it away, but its not easy just so scoop your brain out and de-clutter the stuff you don’t want and start again.  

As for dating sites it seems half the people on there are actually married anyway and hiding it all..


Just wish i knew what to do..  


By Debbie

Back to the Drs Tuesday

Its been a little while since i blogged and i needed a little break,  anyway on Tuesday next week i am making a visit the see the Dr, my own Gp who has returned to work himself after being ILL .. I hope it wasn’t me who made him poorly,  

i have a medical background in the fact i have PCOS and IBS-C which is on a previous post.. the last time i went to see the dr was about my IBS-C and the result was a blood test and took me of all my meds,  including my anti-sugar tablet which helps the PCOS,, he said i didn’t need it as my sugar levels where fine..and He took me off all my IBS meds and gave me a basic drink to help.. With advice to go on a low sugar and Hi Fiber diet,  

well the first slice of brown bread that passed my lips left in in agony,  not just bloating but a Physical pain like a knife being stuck in the stomach,  brown pasta had the same affect, so i guess that Brown Hi fiber bread is NO GOOD, not the low sugar seems ok i don’t have sugar in my tea/coffee or on my cereal, yes i may have biscuits but if i stop EVERYTHING I LIKE I WILL BE GRUMPY. CROSS, FEDUP..  but what i did find help when i was accidentally put of a Gluten free,  i was NOT BLOATED AT ALL AND GOING TO THE LOO DAILY but it does have a high sugar content..


I really don’t know what to do and feel a little lost

Social Media


Hi all, 

I know i have taken a little break from my blog, and in some ways its been a case of nothing exciting to blog about, or a deliberate act to stay away from the PC..  

I have been thinking for a little while that social media obviously has its good points but has lots of Bad points..

Years ago i used to have some form of life, i had a relationship, I had kids that i took places (still do), i have had dogs that i took for walks over my life time (no longer have a dog due to relationship breakdown and rental property, i used to go horse riding as a young child, i love photography, riding bikes, swimming, going to the gym ect.. Now things started to go pear shaped some years ago in my relationship if i am honest although at the time the man in my life at the time convinced me all was ok, and we were not like other people..

Then along came the likes of a PC which was only uses like a word processor then more of a search engine, but the more my relationship went wrong (in a growing appart not suitable for one another) things like Facebook, Plurk, my space now twitter all became a alternative life to the real life.. 

And i sit here wondering is the internet brainwashing me that the false world is better than the real world..  No of course its not,, but i find social media is draining my life away…

But also i fine some media like genes reunited a very good source of media for getting info i need for my family tree so its a good thing and very positive as is Ebay and other auction sites  but it all stops you from getting out and about, you can even food shop on line without the hassle kids wanting stuff, but i hardly shop online unless i am ill and can’t get out then is good, but i love to look about the hopes, it also give kids live skills too..  

I hav a few friends but not many that i interact with mainly cause i am in a bubble right not and not sure what i want out off live,,other than makes sure my kids are ok..

Being Single is not easy,, so much needs to be done from Cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing not to mention cutting the grass and weeding and yes i do get help from my eldest whom i could not do without.. his been amazing… but i find i don’t have time for everything, then things get built up, and then i sink back into the computer… 

having said all this i am not to worry about anything, cause i think considering we as a little family unit are doing quite well.. a mix of both real life and virtual keeps us sane.. 

Where Has the time gone?

I know its been a little while since i did a post and that’s down to the fact i have moved my PC out of the living room to avoid me sitting at PC for too long, in a bid to try a have a better life so i can get more done, even if it is housework,,  its going well but could be better,  I am working on a post for some stuff i did at the weekend. but i need to sort some photos out before i do so,,  I will hope to post later,  so catch then..