What a Mix Up

Yesterday I had to take my eldest down to the drs for a Blood Pressure Check, which is ok , and staying on his usual meds,  Anyway whilst I was there i though i better check that this Gluten Free Diet is really what i should be on,  considering i have a intollerance to sugar, 

It turns out I that I should not have been told to go on a Gluten Free Diet at all.  the Gp had sent a little not via the PC inticating (Low) glu and + Fibre.. Admittedly the nurse thought it was odd but was sent away to follow the GF diet..  

It turns out what the Dr meant was a Low Glycemic/Glucose  diet and high Fibre,  so i need to re-stock the food cupboards again,  but since i can eat bread I have had about a slice of brown bread, and all i have had since is sodding pain..  if anyone out there can adivice re low Glycemic/glucose diet i would be grateful,  



2 comments on “What a Mix Up

  1. I understand misinformation from the medical community. Understand it only too well. My daughter was finally diagnosed with Celiac at age 22 after being told to eat whole grains for her “IBS” for many years. Hmmm.. I will look forward to your progress. I have been through misdiagnosis myself and have learned to be my own researcher as I have been a puzzle to my doctors. I hope you get some answers.

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