Busy Week

Hi,  sorry i now been about that much, but being as my 2 boys are off college and school we have been busy,  either out shopping or swimming and even out in the garden, but with this bad root and being on meds (which had kinda moved the pain) from tooth to either Head or Neck and Shoulder pain i have not really felt Brilliant.. Yep I know there are people with worse and on going Pain than this, but i am finding that with the antibiotics I am on and the pain relief meds i am feeling rather light headed, spaced out kind of i suppose ect, and even just want to sleep, but the odd thing is,  when i actually get round to going to bed i cannot sleep for the pulsating that’s going on in my gum… But hey ho life’s a bitch at times..


3 comments on “Busy Week

  1. STILL!!!
    Let me tell you something. I described my pain as “All over body toothache” so pain is pain, and that must hurt badly!

    • Told you I don’t deal with pain well, think also hayfever may be playing a part too, sinus’s seem to be struggling as well, got 2 more antibiotics to take but trying to avoid pain meds today, but neck and shoulder hurt.. I can sympathies with your pain, I have fallen arches too so that knocks me at times when i don’t have my shoe inserts in, but its more stiffness pain.. it just reminds me i am getting older lol.. I am a bit of a wuss but i also know there are more people out there with worse pain. like you and others mines will ease once tooth is out (Feet wont stop hurting though)

  2. I am only getting your comments Via email. Never through the Orange notification..Hmmm..
    Anyway. as I said, pain is pain, this is why we blog? To share. Not all my blogs are about pain. If I am in AGONY I will blog. So if you are in pain, blog away. It is your pain..
    Shaun x

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