Great Time Was Had


As I mentioned in my last post i was going to be taking my boys away to Legoland..  Now i have never been before and i was pleasantly surprised at what was there,  but not so surprised that lots of stuff that was for sale was incredibly expensive..  I did take a pack lunch for the first day, and had a big breakfast in the hotel so we avoided lunch and had something on the way home at the services,   I didn’t get away that lightly though, ended up buy several small boxes of Lego for the youngest son.. 

Legoland is owned by the the group called Merlin Entertainment visit their home page to see the other attractions they do.. 

Legoland was built on the old grounds of Windsor Animal Safari Park which closed in 1992.. i never went to the safari myself but visit here to have a little look and you can also go to this website to view the timescale of the construction of Legoland.. 

Friday it’s took about 1.5 hours to get there from my home, but the time we left was delayed by a few hours as my oldest had a migraine but we manged to get there about 12pm instead of 10 am..  so that day was more a wondering about the place taking photos and avoiding any rides due to son had a bad head.. and yes he had sickness with it too..  I have taken lots of photos and will put a few here but also on my photo blog too which is Sassysnaps.. 





I think its amazing that all the models we did see were made from lego,  even the rides were based on giant Lego bricks.. i do hope to go back one day.. 

Trip Away

Hey All,

Just to say i will be very quiet over the next couple of days,  cause me and the boys need a bit of a break,  so i am taking them both down to Legoland in Windsor UK, i got a fairly good Hotel deal where you get tickets for the Park free for 2 days,

We are leaving in a couple of hours and coming back Saturday  evening..

If you want to take a look then visit their website here  but until then you all be good now,  see ya laters


What a Mix Up

Yesterday I had to take my eldest down to the drs for a Blood Pressure Check, which is ok , and staying on his usual meds,  Anyway whilst I was there i though i better check that this Gluten Free Diet is really what i should be on,  considering i have a intollerance to sugar, 

It turns out I that I should not have been told to go on a Gluten Free Diet at all.  the Gp had sent a little not via the PC inticating (Low) glu and + Fibre.. Admittedly the nurse thought it was odd but was sent away to follow the GF diet..  

It turns out what the Dr meant was a Low Glycemic/Glucose  diet and high Fibre,  so i need to re-stock the food cupboards again,  but since i can eat bread I have had about a slice of brown bread, and all i have had since is sodding pain..  if anyone out there can adivice re low Glycemic/glucose diet i would be grateful,  


Busy Week

Hi,  sorry i now been about that much, but being as my 2 boys are off college and school we have been busy,  either out shopping or swimming and even out in the garden, but with this bad root and being on meds (which had kinda moved the pain) from tooth to either Head or Neck and Shoulder pain i have not really felt Brilliant.. Yep I know there are people with worse and on going Pain than this, but i am finding that with the antibiotics I am on and the pain relief meds i am feeling rather light headed, spaced out kind of i suppose ect, and even just want to sleep, but the odd thing is,  when i actually get round to going to bed i cannot sleep for the pulsating that’s going on in my gum… But hey ho life’s a bitch at times..



As you can see by the poorly shark above,  I am feeling a little run down,  I HAVE TOOTHACHE..  

I have only had it a couple of days but i think the tooth has had it.. I am scared of the Dentist,  well not the dentist but the pain you get from the Needles,  I have a PAIN PHOBIA, that in itself it half the Problem or catch 22, cause i am crying cause of the pain my tooth is causing me and taking paracetamol just to make things bearable, but the actual fact of getting it sorted is also going to result in some kind of Pain,  well needle pain it having any local anesthetic..  Yes i have had Therapy to help me and to an extent it has helped,, but Today i am going to see the Dentist in an emergency appointment so i am not sure if they will do anything other than ease the pain… and what they will do i have no idea so that is making me kind of Panic..  I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY WILL DO SO I CAN COPE..  


G I Joe Retaliation

As we know it was Easter this weekend, and yesterday was the time for giving Easter Eggs to family and friends, well as i only have family i only had 1 egg but i think if i had a egg from all my cyber friends i may be snowed under with chocolate..

Sunday afternoon my youngest was with his dad (as we are seperated) so he spent the day and night there and a 2nd night tonight.. Anyway my normal Easter Plans are to have my parents over but we went theirs on Saturday and my parents went to my brothers on Sunday,  so left i suppose with a gap of what to do and a 18 year old son, we decided to go to the Cinema and see anything of his Choice then a meal (gluten free of course for me)..

The Chosen Film was G I Joe 


This is what the Synopsis says from the cinema guide

The Hasbro heroes are back for more thrills in this testosterone-laden sequel! G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra grossed more than $300 million worldwide. Now this second, even more explosive adventure sends the iconic characters (from Hasbro, makers of Transformers) on their most dangerous mission yet! Picking up where the first film left off, villainous master of disguise Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) has assumed the identity of the US President (Jonathan Pryce). Working with the Joes’ nemesis the Cobra Commander, Zartan is aiming nanotech warheads at strategic locations across the globe – warheads capable of destroying entire countries! The only ones who can stop him are the Joes themselves but Zartan has had most of them exterminated and frames the remaining survivors as traitors. Accompanied by Duke (Channing Tatum), new face Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson) must seek the help of the original GI Joe himself, General Joseph Colton (Bruce Willis), in order to stop this deadly enemy once and for all.

Obviously with all G I Joe Films it is action packed from start to finish, there is always Hot Bodied Men and Fit Hot Woman in who can Fight pretty dame well… I think it was a Awesome film to go and see but the down side for me was sitting too close to the front of the Cinema screen, and this was cause the higher seats had been taken..  but being too close for me was almost giving me a headache cause the Film moves very fast from one scene to the next and very big in front of you, i kinda felt in there with them all, and it was not a 3D film,, Anyway watch the trailer if you can… and go see it too