What a Week

As you may have read on a  previous Blog I suffer with IBS-D for past 6 years or longer and PCOS for the past 13 years, well diagnosed but had it since Puberty,,  Anyway I had to have a routine medicine appointment at the Drs surgery on Tuesday last week just to make sure i am on the right meds for my conditions….

My Normal Dr is off on long term illness so i had to see one of the others, this is not a problem to me as they are all great at my practice but their treatments are all different for the same conditions.. This time my Dr blew me away… He has stopped my anti sugar tablets that i have been on for the past 13 years well on and off as they stop them now and again but now i have had a Hysterectomy some say i need them some say i don’t as they are normally given to people who are trying to conceive as it can help overweight women to loose weight..  

I was also on a drink to help me go to the loo (IBS-D)  but this was hit and miss as one dr would say take every day and another would say take only when you feel pain, so as i don’t get much pain i was not taking the drink.. 

Tuesday became a new day to the rest of my life I think… like i said the anti-sugar tablets known as metformin and my drink meds Fybogel with mebeverine has been stopped and changed to the normal Fybogel that i must take 2 times a day (breakfast and dinner) after the meals… 

But the biggest change is 

Image   Yep No Gluten Diet,  Yep panic kinda set in as i do like bread, cereals and chocolate. But i better do it,  i am not a coeliac but the Dr feels that i may be intollerant to the the Gluten and its not helping my guts or bowels..  i did find this on a web site so please do take a read   http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7482/10-signs-youre-gluten-intolerant.html  

So far things have been ok with no gluten but the biggest thing is that Gluten Free Products have double the sugar and more calories than normal foods, and more expensive too, but i have to do it and so far i my tummy has less bloating and i seem to have more energy about me, then again i have not had any cravings for anything that i should not be having.. watch this space…..


4 comments on “What a Week

  1. Here is my personal battle with IBS. I have ha it for as long as I can remember. In the last 6 months the wife and I have up dairy, then sugars and gluten. After taking them out if diet, I reintroduced a little of each to see how I reacted. Dairy and sugar are deadly when it comes to IBS, the gluten made no difference to me, personally. I have reintroduced limited breads, and have also found that non-cow dairy (sheep, goat) does not have the same effects on my IBS. We have always kept dark chocolate as a sweet treat. I have also cut back on some beef products. Once again, I have found that the tougher cuts of beef affect me, but I’m ok with a more tender, better quality cut of meat.

    Just an insiders point of view, but if course we each react differently. However, unless I miss something in the ingredients, my IBS is more of a non-issue these days than before. Oh, also Ox Bile pills have helped, as I had my gall bladder removed 10 years ago.

    Best of luck on your dietary journey.

    • Many thanks for your message, to my post, its so hard to know whats best to do, if i cut out gluten for a while at least we will know, I do limit my sugar intact but i think the sugar content in the gluten free is not helping my stomach to be honest, but I am having a blood test soon so i will see whats going on with some others issues also, like hormones and iron and sugar levels

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