Mike and Masato

From time to time i do a blog about someone i follow or follows me on Twitter, well this one is about Mike and his Partner, Fashion designer Masato..

Now i would be lying if i said i knew masses about them both cause i don’t, as its Mike i actually tweet with, but over the past few months i have come to realise that even total strangers in a virtual world can become friends.. i was introduce to Mike via the normal way , what is known as a #FF in the world of twitter.. 

I never judge anyone, you follow see how they are, and Mike is a great man.. his a nice Man, funny but also has a serious side to him as well.. ok they may design clothes for the Celeb world., or they may not the fact is they are a great team and work well together.. 

If you go and take a look at their shop you must visit the T-Shirts in fact to help you out here is the Link Masato T-shirts  if you like them then why not buy before they sell out, as once they are gone there gone.. The Next T-shirt is a Must for anybody so i am waiting for that one, yes i have seen it and its coming out soon


Any way Mikes Partner being a fab designer of great clothes of women,  you can see their clothes here at Masato Studio Boutique  so please do go and take a look..  

a few months back i bought 2 of their Phycho Bunny t-shirts  


100% Organic T-shirts and they are amazing quality and so could not wait for their next design,  these are  Dr M and Hattie.. Image Image  

Now both the Above T-Shirts are still available to buy from Masato Studio Boutique which i strongly recommend you do,, they are original, they are great designs and great material and to be fair great prices,  Mike does not know i am doing this so its not a sales pitch at all, and it’s more of a surprise for Mike and Masato..  

I mean what more could i do than to invite them both over for a cup of tea and cakes, but one day soon i will go and meet Mike and maybe Masato if they are about in the big city of London.. 

If you want to know a little more about Masato then you can visit his Blog Just Click http://masatostudio.blogspot.co.uk/ and you will see great photos as well as other designers and events taken place.. 

I feel that Twitter has opened me up to lots of things going on in the world but also that there are nice people out there who are not crazy.. but genuine people and so glad i have been introduce to Mike and Masato..  


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