Ghosts or Psychic


I know this is a pretty odd subject, but it has been bought to my attention some years ago that i have something special, or a understanding of something out of this world..  I have always been a kind caring person, nothing more nothing less just me, but i kinda have a psychic side to me or other not sure what, but i hope someone who reads this post can help me further..

Now in the past i had 4 grand-parents and a great grand-parent,  these were  my dads parents and my mums parents as well as my mums grandma.. over my childhood 4 died my dads mum died when i was 8 , my dads dad died when i was 10, my mums gt grandma when i was 13 and my mums dad when i was 17,  my mums mum died only 2 years ago in my adult hood she died 3 months before my 40th birthday

.. they had names,  Grandad for sidney,  grandma for Alice, Minnie, Poppa for Harold and Nannie Eileen. and they died at different ages, Grandad 79, grandma 73,  Minnie 95, Poppa 76 and Nannie was 96… i also lost a Uncle as well but he was married to my mums sister so not blood related.. Not that the Names or ages have anything to do with what i am going to say..

Yes i was sad when they died but i was not traumatised, i saw all of them get old and be ill,, but i felt calm,  BUT  out of all these people i had or still have a connection with my dads dad or Grandad as i called him..

Rolling on a few years and my grandad has been dead some 15 years i had a visit from him, i was not scared but intreagued .. Now I was in a local hospital to where i was living as my son Charlie was in Hospital at 3 weeks of age, very poorly and diagnosed with some heart defect, and until we went to a Bigger childrens hospital for tests the Drs where trying to tell me what was wrong or what they suspected was wrong..

To this day i don’t know what was going on in the room, but i remember i had a bed for me and my son was in the hospital cot, the peadiatrictian was talking to me, and my mum and dad were also in the room, from what i can remember the room went dark or Dull , and is was mid-day the peadiatrician was trying to tell me something by my eyes and ears where elsewhere, direct in front of me was my father i knew this but all i could see was my grandads face, not body just his head..  and all i heard was my grandad telling me “All would be ok, he was watching over us” then he went..

Then i heard the Pead again mentioning a visit to GOSH and what he has was not life threatening (they got that wrong)..

I said to my sons dad what i say and he said it must have been my dad talking and i must have been tired and a long few days before..

I do question myself lots,, but deep down i know it’s him watching us, I have his photo here and a item of his furniture as does my dad.. but i get a kind of peace from it..

a few years ago about 4 and had a small angle card reading done and she as amazing, spot on with my life what i did ect but then i shocked her when my last card i chose was a called Archangel Michael or a light worker.. she said i was sent from heaven to help others.. and i should work on it..  That night i went home mesmersized by what she told me, i  felt drained so went to bed.. I had this visual disturbance lots of swirly colours flashes of light all mixing in my head,.  it was very pretty but i just put it down to tiredness..




Last year i had a photo reading done by a friend over the internet which seem to say the same thing about me but also that i had a guardian angel looking over me and my children, so i sent a photo of my deceased relatives and it was my grandad..

I get visual disturbance out of my right eye, can be when watching  the telly, at the PC or even driving,, i don’t know if its anything or anyone but i rub my eyes in case it’s my eyes, and i wave my had between my eye and the vision,  its bright colours that shimmer but even when i wave the vision is the other side of my hand so i guess it not my eye..

It’s been suggested to meditate first or find a course, and yes i feel silly but i feel it is something or someone trying to tell me something.

visions is not the 0nly thing,  I find Church’s very odd, from a afar they are very photogenic, but in the church very unnatural.. I feel cold and not able to relax.. and the church yard is awash with the odd feeling i am being grabbed at or something.. so i tend not to go,, I am not a believer in Religion or a follower of God but i believe in something, may be my guardian Angel..

If someone can give me some advice to help, is it something or am i going nuts,,

Thanks for reading


3 comments on “Ghosts or Psychic

  1. Some read, some story.
    I am into “The mind” in a BIG way.
    I study things like Derren Brown (You know him?)
    He is all about planting seeds in peoples minds to make them act or say what he wants them to. He claims not to be psychic, only using the art of “Suggestion”

    I think this is what you experience. When someone plants a seed in your mind, concious and subconcious, sometimes we forget, but the subconcious mind goes to work and makes you think you are seeing things, hearing things, whatever.

    Skype me soon.
    I have something I need to tell you.
    You WILL be interested.

    Shaun x

  2. Some people are gifted with things not of this world or maybe a 6th sense. I am not expert but I suggest you mediate on this feeling of uneasiness. It could help you. If you believe in a higher power or angels, I would mediate on your guardian angel to help you obtain better clarity.

    • Thanks for your comment, its really hard to know what to believe, maybe it’ wish full thinking or it is something but not managed to really understand any of it… Debbie x

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