Starting New to this

As the title says i am new to this, but i have been blogging for sometime, but i thought i would give word press ago, i will aim to be anonymous on here,,  after its is my blog and i can hopefully say what i want.. 

Some of you will know who i am in an instant and some wont, but i hope you get to read my posts and enjoy what i read,  the address is apt as i am a mum and also a carer to one of my sons, but it took me ages to come up with a name that was not already taken, and that in itself took 30 mins of No sorry that’s taken or you can have that name on .net .blog .com but you have to pay for that one. and if i wanted one on a different site I would have gone there in the first place.. Image

By Debbie

One comment on “Starting New to this

  1. Good on you!!! WordPress is better, and you can choose a million different ways it looks. I followed, so when you blog, I get an email.
    And the reason I blog is I can express my thoughts and feeling and “OUT” wrongs. You just need to get peoples attentions. 😉

    Shaun x

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