Tweeter/Blogger knowns as Single_Man_75

Not sure if i am doing the right thing here, but i hope so,, just lately my blogs have been about tweeters i have come across on twitter. The person in question is only known to me as Single man 75 he tweets and a fellow blogger to, which i so love to read about… with this is about the anonymous man on twitter, Yes he is single and has been for some time,. despite the poor love being let down by several woman but this blog is not about his dating as he has his own blog for that,, Anyway… Single man is Single man 75 by name for his own reasons which we all respect.. What i have picked up on over the months since following Single man 75 is His a very fit runner, tri althlete, has slight OCD by his own addmission he adores his 2 children and they adore him.. and he is one heck of a great single dad.. There are times when he gets given a hard time for one reason or other, wether its hassle at his works or some nasty comment somewhere, but we all know when his had a good or bad day..

If you do actually read my blog single man 75 yes this blog is about you and what a great person i think you are, and what a great job you are doing with your kids, yes its hard to date when you have children, i know i cant even think about it with a 11 year gap with my kids.. i know we dont tweet one another that much but i felt i should say that i think you a top man, and top dad and actually proud of you and i don’t even know you.. But carry on doing what your doing and your children will land on their feet with a very proud dad behind them (and a proud mum also) i know parenting children is between 2 parents whether they’re together or Single and I know you are doing the best for you children.. well I best not go on too much but see for youself see his blog here The Life of a Single Man His twitter is Single_Man_75

By Debbie

Oliver King and Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS)

As You know that i am a user of twitter and from time to time something jumps up at me as important.. or Very important and even I must do that.. Well today that just happened.. I saw a retweet from a follower about @TheOKFoundation so i click on the Avi and see that is a account about a young lad called Oliver King.. and that he had died from a condition called Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome or (SADS).. The reason this Jumped up to me is that my own son has a congenital heart defect which is something we have known about for years and he has surgery to correct.. With Poor oliver King (Picture below)

I WAS VERY DIFFERENT he had a healthy heart, no condition at all.. and he died very suddenly at the age of 12 during a swimming lesson at school,, his poor parents must be beside themselves.. But the Parents have sent up a foundation to raise awarenes and set up a petition (part of the wording here We call on the Government to introduce defibrillators to all public buildings by 2017, and provide staff with the appropriate training. We also call on the Government to offer all people aged between 12 & 35 a simple ECG test, which could reduce the current death rate of 12 young people a week.s and set up a petition To me this is a very importing petition to sign and one of the reason I am doing this blog is to hope that you will sign the petition also as it can save lives.. As you know there are many sport personalitys who have suddenly died from the same thing and this would help them also.. and prevent early and unnessary deaths.. This is the Petition The Olive King Foundation e-Petition Please click and sign and pass it on to everyone in your e-mail box, twitter account and facbook also.. Please take a look at their website The Oliver King Foundation You can go and like their Facebook page too The Oliver King Foundation Facebook So get to it readers plese Sign now they need to get to 100,000 but need 75days to get 75,000 signatures to get it into the house of Commons for discussion.. The reason why its so important is that this can happen to anyone…

By Debbie

Right Said Fred

As you can see from the Title this blog is my personal view of Fred and Richard Fairbrass the two brothers known to many of us as Right Said Fred.. Like many of you who read this blog we first heard of Right Said Fred with I’m Too Sexy back in 1991 when i was 21 great year and great song by 2 very fit men 🙂 and i was hooked and there were many more Tunes and Albums released.. but whilst i could go on and on about there Musical stuff this is more about the Men i have followed on Twitter for some time now when i was sent a #FF from my Internet DJ friend over at who are great friends so i gave them both a follow.. and No i am not one to beg for any personality to follow back if they do its great if not its there choice.. But on places like twitter you get to know Them, I mean Fred and Richard as normal People and Not Fred and Richard the Stars.. Both Men are very funny with a bit sarcasm thrown in, and i must admit it’s Fred who does tweet the most and its anything from his day in the recording studio to his travelling experiences to and fro from his Home in Barcelona to London UK which he does very often so he and Richard can sort all the Recordings out or other interesting fun stuff they do in meetings even write new material.. The Newest will be there online Christmas Animated Single which i am looking forward too. and to see their beloved Mum (She must be one Proud mum, i know i would be if they were my sons) Poor Fred must be shattered..

Now Richard He does seem very different to Fred in the aspects of not getting on well with Technology maybe its a not wanting to or not needing too really but either way it doesn’t matter he can and does tweet but Richard is more into Politics or the rights and wrongs of politics to be precise but he is still a very funny man, i would say he was the more serious one of the two but as this is my personal view of both i could have that totally wrong,, so forgive me.. But i am sure both are up for a laugh and a wind up too..and pretty sure both can be big kids too especially in the Studio the place where they are most at ease.. I have also heard Richard on his Live interviews on 2ndcityradio and his such a down to earth person whith a filthy laugh too..

I dont expect you to take my word for it but if you are on Twitter i suggest you go follow @TheFreds and @RFairbrass but also if you go and visit their webpage here you can also see links to the various websites that they are on too.. As far as their Music goes it always has been great, fun, lively and entertaining and will be about for a long time yet.. This is one of my favourites. You’re My Mate

By Debbie

Just Iwan Thomas MBE

If you are a reader of my Blogg then you will know that I am a user on Twitter @Deb1sassy and for about a year now i have been using twitter on a daily basis, whether its to vent my anger at something, or just tweet constant rubbish, or just banter.. And yes i am an Nosy sod too at times, I follow 888 people and have 979 follow me back, yes i do have some celebs mostly comedians and a few sports personalities esp since the olympic games and I have had one of the rowers follow me back but i dont do it for the follow back but its always nice to be recongised.. I have had Permission to write this so i hope that covers some pics too, if not i am in a heap of shit,, anyway one of the best sports personalities is Iwan Thomas MBE if your my age you will know him for his great tallent for his 400 meters for which is has many medals, or if your young then the BBC ONE SHOW.. I wont write them here as you can see them on various sites but its not about his running career or his TV career its about the Man i see on my twitter timeline..

Now Iwans Twitter is real, it’s him, and its his views only but what i will say is he is a really nice guy and funny too.. I came Across Iwans Twitter Account when a ReTweet came on to my Time line with regard to a photo of a very naughty granny and NO i wont find the picture.. and I followed him.. Considering Iwan is 4 years younger than me he is a very fit man and very good looking. And puts me to shame. But he has the ability to make me laugh with his pictures.. he tweets, his day to day life like any one of us and yes its interesting some of this work that he tweets about as well as photos of his day Job.. He has days like the rest of us of being grumpy or in a mood But i think with his followers on twitter we can get him out of it. I have noticed also that his followers love to tweet him pics too some get re tweeted to me and i love the 1% look a likes, which means they look nothing like the person really but even a 1% likeness is funny.. One of these days he may turn of for coffee/tea or a cooked breakfast but his always busy so I doubt it, and sure as heck would surprise me if he did.. I Have just had to come back and edit my blog a tad as a reader has reminded me about something on Iwans cheekyness, he is a great mind of #RubbishJokes thats makes me and the rest of us Laugh, Iwans ability to take #sneaky photos of anything and anyone he comes across, and he has this lovely clothes which most of it he refers to as #Naughtyclobber which is often something tight about his persons but we all love Iwan for him and not because of his Sporting accolaides.. triumphs well if want to see for yourself what a great man he is then you can find him here on his website and on Twitter @Iwanrunner

By Debbie

Back to Hospital

Some of my Readers my know this hospital very well, others my not so well.. for those who do not know, its a very famous children’s hospital to where my eldest son has been attending the past 17 years, if you read my blog you will know why,, it not it was because he was born with a Congenital Heart Defect which needed open heart surgery,, and yes for most part he has done very well, his had his problems but his my son and very proud of him too.. a few months back my Charlie had to under go some tests, MRI, EXERCISE TESTS, ECHO, ECG 24 HOUR BP.. all this is in readiness for transfer to Adult Care, a different hospital.. Not sure how i feel about that as GOSH as been our life line for many years, but yes i know his grown up, and probably needs to move away from the babies in the hospital,, I am also very aware that many don’t make it to adult care so i feel relieved that his has, but sad that my friends children have not.. But Next Thurs day we go back to GOSH may be for the last time for the outcome of his tests, I do know 2 things, his leaky heart valve has got worse its gone from a mild leak (past 12 years been mild) to a Moderate leak 😦 and his Blood Pressure has gone up,, 80% of his BP tests showed higher than normal BP… So as you can tell i am worried, the letter said the heart function was good which is good but i am still WORRIED,, are they going to do anything with regard to BP, the leaky valve i doubt it, but i am still preparing for bad news as i had being hit with bad news… They may move him lock stock and barrel to new Adult care with all his problems and let them deal with it,, But i just don’t know and that’s taking me away from my comfort zone.. but I will know next week and i will let you know too.. But i am also sad to say bye to a great hospital too, and feel i should take something, as a good bye what what? really it needs to be a donation of some kind.. will have to think of that one

By Debbie