Its That Time Again

Well here we are.. in a little under a weeks time on the 24th May my eldest Charlie will being seeing his Cardiac Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for his Cardiac review. or check-up.. We were last there 18 months ago and this time we have managed a full 18 months before needing to be seen for one reason or another…. Whilst he in himself is doing very well at College and seems to be pretty healthy you are never exactly too sure whats going on on the inside of a persons body, least of all a person who has had Corrective open heart surgery 17 years ago… Those who do know him know he has struggled educationally but heart wise he has been ok. He does have a leaky aortic valve which someday will need replacing, but you never truly know when that will be either…. But please can i ask any of you who reads my waffle blog to keep your fingers crossed that all is still ok with him and he gets at least another 18 months before being seen again… many thanks Debbie

By Debbie