Things are on the up

Never really know how to start my blog but here goes, things with CBT are going rather well, as in me getting a little more assertive with people, but it is also very scary time for me too, i have been stuck in the passive for so long that to think of different ways or to tell people how you really feel is quite hard, and at times i find my brain does this magic trick with me and makes pretty flashing lights inside my brain when i try to sleep, rather like its making new connections or something, also things have been hidden for so long i am now facing them,, the downside is my partner is not too keen on a more vocal me but he did say last night that he may not like some things i say but its his problem and not mine, and if it helps me to tell him what i feel or think then its better for me just to say it even if he dont like it, but i have noticed that his been sighing lots just lately..

oh and what is assertiveness, see this PDF here it makes some tough reading sometimes

I have also started a maths course for adults, its called Brush up on your maths run by the local colleges/councils I have been put in for a level 2 City and Guilds and yes i know i can do this level, and its very good to know that my brain is still working and not just baby mush that i first thought. But i do know i need to do a English course too.. so will start looking soon..

Charlie is settling well into college life although it is a rather long day for him and his totally shattered at the end of the day but its doing him the world of good..

By Debbie

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