Been Busy Again

It seems that Life gets in the way sometimes of a good old waffle, Unless you follow me on twitter which i seem to be lately, but i never seem to get time to sit and write a update on here.. well a week ago today on the 13th my youngest turned 5, god knows how that happened but time seems to have whizzed us by since having a 2nd Child, and already its comming to the start of school holidays, i mean tomorrow Josh breaks up and finish’s being a owl in reception class and will be in year 1 in september, yes scary i know but its how its supposed to be.. i mean there are so many people i know whos children will never get to move on as they passed away, but i am forever gratefull for what i do have,, and sorry at the same time for my friends..

Charlie as you know has now finished school totally and awaiting results for college so in the meantime his been so helpful at home, well in the garden actually, cutting grass, helping me with clearing a very over grown brook/ditch that runs along our garden.

On Sunday i am taking part in bedfords race for life so if you want to sponsor me, feel free to use the widget top right, i am doing in memory of my uncle who passed a way a year in september comming, its my first ever one also.. the fundraising has been slow but every £1 helps,,,

well going to end for know and will try to add some photos later

By Debbie