Had a Clear Out

As its been a while since I have done a proper update, I have removed all but 3 posts, if there needs to be a reason its cause lots of what i posted was when I was in a really low point in myself so as i feel so much better I have removed most of what i call a old me that i dont want to be reminded off.

Those of you who know me via various places mostly support groups and FB, will know that i had a Hysterectomy in January, was not a surprise and quite frankly very welcomed. The Recovery went very well and to date no real problems just hormones settling, but the Hysterectomy is part and parcel what have made me feel so much better..

I am comming up to 13 weeks post op and whilst i can do most stuff, some things i have to be carefull off as to not to strain the tummy area too much..

Charlie has had to stop rowing, which is a shame but there are reasons for this mostly cause of lack of coaches for him and soon to be off to college in september this year also, so it was best all round to stop as he has missed so much valuable training this winter..

Charlie is currently getting ready to take GCSE’s this year and things look promersing for him that he will get the grades needed to go to the college of his Choosing, which is Moulton ..

We have also just gone past 16 years since his open Heart Surgery, well 2 weeks back now 24th March but his home date was 1st April,, and his doing very well..

Josh well his totally different, in fact I think he was swapped with a proper monkey in the maternity hospital when I had him.. He is full on, well full on for me anyway, but i am not really complaining it’s nice to have 2 very different boys, he is doing well at Lower School, he reading is comming on very well and he so loves to draw, and write too. He is a little boy as was Charlie but Josh has got some fight in him i can tell you,, he tells the bigger ones what to do in Nursery..

well will go now, but hope to be back sooner for a update

By Debbie