The Gaps just get longer,

I suppose life in general gets in the way with my blog writing, whats happened since Feb, not a lot really, Charlie turned 15 in Feb, so now heading towards 16,, Martin went to Dubai for 8 weeks, I ended up really poorly with Low Iron Reserves and now on tablets for a while,, well till mid June then i can have a weeks break and a blood test and see whats going on,. Josh is still little soon to be 4 in july but he needs to see the dr soon to see if he had grown much in 6 months, if not then they want to do tests, not sure what to do really,, but he notices himself that he is far shorter than his peers, but his happy and on the go all the time and as far as we know, there are no health issues for why..

The Sad news is that my Nan passed away 6th May at the grand age of 96 and after a bout of bronchitus and there was no going back, she then decided not to eat or drink for the latter 6 weeks, really feel for my mum and aunts, my mum is in mid 60s and lost her mum, my nan has always been there, when all other grandparents when years ago..

Charlie is doing some GCSE’s at the moment and will do some more next year, but I have great problems in trying to get him to revise or come up with a plan to help him remember stuff better,,

Also he is rowing and getting Better and better, he has taken part in 2 races so far and another one comming up on saturday at our local river, when he will be rowing a single Scull again as he is the only 15 year old lad, so in races he is on his own until the younger ones catch up to his age or he catches up with the current 16 year olds.. but he is really enjoying it, but were still in the first year,, and building up his stamina,

josh will be started 2 full days and 3 mornings from september at nursery,, currently does 5 mornings,, come jan he will be full time, 😦 gosh time flys by..

me on the other hand i am fine, sorting out my big birthday but its going to be more like a celebratiory drink with food as apposed to disco, have had some replies back,, so at least I am not billy no mates..

take care for now..

By Debbie