Family Trees

I know I have not been anywhere for a while as in support groups, Blogs, Facebook ect and thats cause my time has been taken up with doing my family tree.. I have so far with the help of some very useful dates managed to trace my Great Great Great Grandfather,, my Great Great Grandfater my Great Grandfather also a couple of his brothers plus a grave these are all relatives of my father,, I have also got so far with my dads mums side, and my mums mums (my nan) side of the family, all on Genes reunited and looking up parish registars and census’s which is very interesting, but now I am stuck with my Poppa (my mums dad) I have all my pops details except his actual birth certifact which I must get,, as we know nothing about his Parents or his brother for that matter either,, but I will keep on looking

By Debbie